How to reach us?

Drive the road E6 from Oslo toward Trondheim. Take off to Kongsvinger, on road 2, after approx. 25 km (follow signpost) from Oslo. There is approx. 100 km. from Oslo to Kongsvinger. When you reach Kongsvinger, drive road 20 out of Kongsvinger heading for Elverum. Turn right toward Austmarka on road 200 which you follow approx. 20 km. to Masterud (a crossing). Then you turn right again toward Austmarka on road 202. Drive through Austmarka toward Brødbøl (9 km.). Reaching Brødbøl, follow signs toward Solhaug. Knock on the door if no one comes out. You may also call in advance (see number below). 


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(The pictures at the left are gathered from the homepage of Glåmdal Reiseliv's)

Phone: +47 62828727   Mobile: +47 95108873