Solhaug Kano og Fritid

135 km. northeast of Oslo, Norway

NO 969 510 979 MVA

Laila Lindberg, Solhaug Gård, 2224 AUSTMARKA, Norway

Bank: 1840.08.45812

Phone: +47 62828727   Mobile: +47 95108873

Farmhouse at Solhaug. Picture of Laila and Kjell (hostess/host).

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Solhaug Kano and Fritid (“Canoe and Leisure”) is located at the farm Solhaug; 135 km. northeast of Oslo and 35 km. east of the city Kongsvinger. It is right on the border to Sweden. The Lake by the farm is divided by the border line.

Solhaug is a little farm which traditionally has been dealing with grain, forestry, and animals. Today, grain and forestry are the only activities left. There are only poultry (hens) and a cat left...

The lake by Solhaug is linked to a watercourse which is well suited for canoe paddling. The watercourse consists of rivers, canals, and small ponds which make paddling an excotic activity. Thus, activities connected to canoe paddling is one of the major sources of income at Solhaug today.

The area around Solhaug is named “the Finnforest” due to the settlement of Finns during the 17th century. During certain periods this century, the conditions in Finland were terrible, and they went down south to search for suitable areas to settle. The Finns were allowed to clear areas in the large forest, and a lot of them settled as hunters and peasants.

Through the Finnforest goes the “Finnforest walking path”. You may read more about this walking path by visiting Glåmdal Reiseliv. It is actually possible to walk 240 km. on this path. A certain distance of the path runs close to Solhaug. The Finnforest path is marked and runs on both Norwegian and Swedish side of the border.

The Finnforest area is still quite desolate. There are no industry, little retailing, and little tourism. The farmer still dominates. We who live here like it this way, and we wish to avoid mass-tourism which other areas seem to struggle for. Neither the nature nor the neighbors tolerate such a development. Consequently, we have only limited activity.

The desolated characteristic imply that it is not possible to go to any shopping centre or make any purchase “on the corner”. The only grocery shop is approx. 10 km. away. The local tradesman Asak has been serving us for the last 50 years, and he has just about what we need. 

Instead of traditional farming we have changed into leisure activities. Canoe paddling was our new area of development, but we understood that paddling was not enough. A lot of people wants to combine canoeing with other activities; e.g. fishing, hunting, trip to Sweden, swimming, sauna, golfing, and  riding. It is our intentions to offer leisure activities with the resourses here at the Finnforest as a point of departure. 

We use our buildings for new purposes. "The Storehouse" (on pillars), where food used to be stored, facilitates a nice historical atmosphere as a cabin and for bed & breakfast. “The Littlehouse”, where clothes where washed and the slaughtering took place, constitutes a nice place with a big fireplace. The Storehouse and the Littlehouse are old and charming buildings which are located within the frames of the Solhaug farm. Other buildings around the farmyard are the main building (where the hosts; Laila and Kjell live), "the Pumphouse" (with showers, WC’s, sauna), the barn, a henhouse (with white Italians), a potato basement, and a Grillhouse. All in all, we think that these facilities constitute the informal milieu that we want to provide for someone visiting us.

Welcome to us at Solhaug!

Phone: +47 62828727   Mobile: +47 95108873